EaseUS EverySync with Cloud Connection Support [Free Download]

EaseUS is a well known company for building backup, recovery and file management tools. EverySync is another backup tool from the company that is designed to meet todays’ file backup standards. EverySync adds support to cloud storage services, namely, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Cloud storage services have become very popular in recent years, as they make file synchronization easier. It always provides the latest version of your work, no matter which system you use. You no longer need to setup expensive cross-site file replication systems.


If you still have not switched to cloud storage services, do not worry. You can still use EverySync as an ordinary file synchronization tool, and backup files in your local, portable drive, and FTP server. The program supports one directional and bi-directional synchronization, and carries out sync tasks automatically whenever the files in the selected folder are modified.

A single user one-year license of EverySync costs $39 to purchase. For only 24 hours, the developers are offering single user lifetime licenses, completely free of cost. Visit this URL here and enter your valid email ID to receive the free license, right in your inbox.

Download EaseUS EverySync: everysync_trial.exe [23 MB]

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