[Free] Easily share files with 1AVShare

1AVShare is a tool that allows you to share files over the internet instantly, without the need to upload them to an external server. The tool starts a web server on your system that displays a web page with your shared files.

The interface of the program is divided into file category tabs.  These tabs allow users to import only specific files types fit for that category, which include videos, images, music and documents. So therefore file sharing support is limited, you will not be able to share file types that are unknown to the program. However, we found that the program supports most of the popular files types out there and even if a file type is not supported, you can trick the program and import an unknown file type by changing the extension to a known file type.


Before you start sharing, you have to setup a user account, by default the tool includes an admin account that provides access to all file categories and even allows the remote user to upload files. You can edit the default account or create new accounts and define permission for each of them. Once everything is setup, you have to share the web server link and user account credentials to let users access your shared files.

The files are displayed on a webpage grouped into categories just as on the program interface. Users can search for files and download them instantly. The program also includes a SMTP client that allows users to setup their email account and share files via email.

We have teamed up with PCWinSoft to giveaway full copies of 1AVShare, which has a retail price of $25. To grab your free copy, access this page and register. Please note that you will NOT receive any license after registering on the above page. Follow the “How to register” demonstration to activate your copy.

Download 1AVShare: 1AVShrInstAG.exe [4.6 MB]

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