[Free] Enhance your images with PhotoBuzzer

PhotoBuzzer is a simple image processing application that allows users to apply lighting effects on their photos. The interface of the app will feel very familiar if you have previously used any image-processing app from Franzis. There is not much knowledge required to operate the app as it involves only applying preset effects and customizing those effects.

The app features a wide range of preset moods, such as, soft, dramatic, mysterious, glamorous, old, dull, cool, and more that can be applied with a single click. A mood generator button is available that automatically applies random effects to your images. The effects can be customized to your liking by moving the sliders of each mood.


Apart from applying moods, the app will only allow you to mirror and rotate images. Basic image editing tasks such as cropping, resizing, resampling, and rescaling are not supported. So this is in no way designed to replace your image-editing suit, but if you are using any other Franzis image editing application like HDR projects, you will be able to import that working image to PhotoBuzzer and apply effects on it.

For a limited time, our readers can grab a free license of PhotoBuzzer, which usually costs $19.99. These steps will guide you through the registration process:

  • Access this page and register. (Existing users login to your account to receive your free key)
  • You will receive a mail with a confirmation link. Click on that link to receive your free registration code.
  • Download PhotoBuzzer:
  • Start the installation process and when prompted enter the personal ID and registration code that was sent to your email to unlock/activate.photobuzzer-activation_w280

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