Exclusive – Unlimited Free Copies of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate is an excellent app to create a perfect backup copy of your DVD and save it as an ISO image or a MPG file. The software comes integrated with the latest technologies that make DVD coping faster and easier.  For instance, Unique Sector-to-Sector copying and GPU accelerating technology allows you to make perfect 1:1 clone copy of your original DVD. Furthermore, it also has the ability to backup copy protected DVDs like CSS, CPRM, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, SONY ARccOS, Rip-Guard, Disney X-DRM protection and more.

The application displays two different backup modes to users: Full DVD Disk Backup and DVD Title Backup. The full disk backup mode allows you to copy DVDs on the fly. For this option to work, you need two DVD drives. In case, you do not have two DVD drives, you can first make a copy of the DVD on your hard drive by selecting the Clone DVD to ISO or Clone DVD to VIDEO_TS folder, then “browse” for the source folder and burn the DVD. This backup mode
also allows you to backup copy protected DVDs. In fact, I found it useful to copy my old scratched DVDs, as it automatically skipped the bad sectors and was still able to make a copy.

DVD Title Backup allows you to copy an entire DVD title or only particular chapters of a title. By default, the main title is selected and if executed is copied in mpeg2 format. You also have the option to extract only video, in mpeg2 format or audio, in ac3 format, from a particular title.

Eric from LotSoft has provided us unlimited free copies of BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate 2.0 (worth 39.95). To grab your free copy, visit this exclusive giveaway page. The giveaway is valid until June 27, 2011.

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