Expert PDF 7 Converter Free Registration Key

PDF is one of the most popular digital document formats that people use to send electronic documents via email or the internet and there is a reason for this. Documents in other formats may have complex formatting or use special fonts that may not be available on the PC of the other user. As a result, the document is not always seen the way you intended.

Expect PDF Converter can convert those documents to PDF, making sure the document is seen exactly as you intended. It can convert or create PDF files from any printable application including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Firefox, and so on. Moreover, Expert PDF Converter works both ways, allowing you to convert PDF files to word documents for easy editing.

Key Features:

  • One-click conversion of any PDF file into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word for easy editing
  • Create PDF files from any printable PC application; Word, Excel, Pictures, Photos etc.
  • Create several PDF files in one single operation
  • Merge Multiple Documents –Combine files from various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into a single PDF
  • One-Click PDF creation from Microsoft® Office
  • Send PDFs automatically by e-mail

Follow these directions to grab your free copy of Expert PDF 7 Converter, which is originally priced at $25.

  • Access this registration page (German) and enter the required details (See translated screen below).
  • You will instantly receive an email from [email protected] with a confirmation link. Click on that link.
  • A webpage containing your free registration key will be shown. You will also receive another mail with your free registration key.
  • Download Expert PDF 7 Converter: ExpertPDF_V7_Converter_Trial_ENG.exe [29.9 MB]
  • Install and start Expert PDF 7
  • Navigate to “View” – “Register Full Version
  • Enter the free registration key that you have previously received to unlock the full version.

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