F-Secure Freedome Free 3 Months Subscription

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides you a secure way of connecting to the online world. This is particularly essential if you are using a public network to access the web. F-Secure Freedome is a VPN service for windows, android and iOS devices that offers additional security by blocking harmful sites and applications.

All unsafe sites and attempts to hack your device is automatically blocked in the background. You can later view these attacks in settings. Freedome currently offers five different VPN locations that you can connect and set your virtual location. Locations include US, UK, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

F-Secure Freedome mobile app is currently available only in select countries. If have searched for it and cannot find it in the Play Store or iTunes Store then it is probably not available in your country.

Here is the direct link to F-Secure Freedome: Android | iOS

F-Secure Freedome is also available for Windows. F-Secure is currently running a promotion that allows you to grab 90 days free trial of the windows client.

Visit the offer page and fill in the required details to receive your free trial license and download link.

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