Facebook Launches Places in UK

Facebook, the social networking giant has launched its location sharing feature, ‘Facebook Places’ in the UK.After Japan and US, UK users have now the opportunity to ‘check in’ to a place they visit and update their status with their location through their iPhones.’Facebook Places’ aims at combining the virtual world of social network with the real world of the users.It helps friends to be informed about each-others location at all times.

Being an iPhone app, it uses GPS to provide a list of places of the nearby places to the users.Selecting a suitable place from the list amends the name of the place with the users status info.’Facebook Places’ also allows tagging of friends, to let others know who the user is currently spending time with.Besides, it also displays the list of friends who have recently been to the same place.

Facebook has placed ample privacy control features on this latest release.The amount of information to be shared on the service can be controlled.The check-ins are defaulted to friends only and the user can remove themselves if they have been tagged by someone.Even the entire feature can be disabled at will.

‘Facebook Places’ brings Facebook into direct competition with the location based social services like Foursquare and Gowalla. However, this feature is yet to be made available to all the 500 million Facebook users across the globe.

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