Get Free 1 Year Virus Protection from VoodooShield

Smarter malicious programs are being developed every day to bypass detection from advanced antivirus software. VoodooShield is a lightweight antivirus software that uses a unique concept and does not rely on virus signatures or malware behaviour to protect you. Instead, it creates a shield in your system where only the programs that have been whitelisted by you are allowed to run.

On first startup, VoodooShield uses training mode to learn the programs that you use and automatically adds them to whitelist. Once the training mode is turned off, programs that have never been launched before is blocked. You can add the blocked program to whitelist or if you are suspicious, you can drag the program launcher to VoodooShield and see the scan results from other antivirus vendors on VirusTotal.

The developers have launched a time-limited promotion offering free 1-year license of VoodooShield. To receive your free subscription, register here. The promotion is valid until July 11, 2013.

Download VoodooShield: VoodooShield.1.09.exe [2.19 MB]

Activation Instructions: Install VoodooShield -> Right click on the VoodooShield taskbar icon -> Click “Register” -> Enter your email address and password -> Click “Step 2: Confirm Registration

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