[Free] Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017

Ashampoo Cover Studio allows you to design, label and print covers for optical disks and disk cases. Remember the ‘Covers’ tool of Burning Studio suit? Well Cover Studio features that same tool in a separate package. We were not able to find any difference or additional features in the standalone application. So why did Ashampoo decide to make a separate app? We can only assume that the developer feels that users, who do not use their Burning suit, might want to use their cover application. Either that, or the application is currently in development stage and they plan to put a lot more features in the standalone app, which cannot be done with the small tool that comes with the Burning Studio suit.


The interface presents you with six different cover types: DVD Case, DVD Booklet, Slim Case, Jewel Case, Blu-ray Case, and Disc. The process is divided into four easy steps. Initially, you need to select your cover type, import image from the internet, file, scanner or camera and select the paper type. On the next step, you need to select the type of content on the disk: Music, Data, Backup and Video and enter the file information. You can also import file information by selecting CD, playlist and file. The program will automatically pick up file information from the source.

After you are done importing file information, you are asked to design your cover by entering text, selecting shapes, background image and table. You can also use any of the preset templates or download new ones from the internet. Finally, you can print your cover, case or booklet by selecting your printer and adjusting output settings.

Cover Studio 2017 is available as a freeware, but requires a license key to work. Access this URL and register to receive your free license.cover-studio-registration

Download Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017: ashampoo_cover_studio_2017_23800.exe [23 MB]

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