Free Do Not Track Plus 1.4 [Firefox add-on]

Do Not Track Plus is a browser add-on that protects your privacy online while you are surfing the web. Cookies from advertising networks, social networks, and even search engines track your activities on the internet. Do Not Track plus blocks such activities and protects your from more than 100 of tracking services. The add-on is currently only compatible with Mozilla Firefox (other browser support coming soon).

Do Not Track Plus Firefox Addon
Once installed Do Not Track displays an icon on your browser that displays the number of tracking services blocked on the current page. Users can click on the icon to get detailed info of the type of tracking service that was blocked on that page. The block list is divided into three different categories: Tracking companies, Ad Networks and Social Network buttons. According to the developer, here is what these categories actually mean:

  • Tracking companies provide website owners with tools to analyze the visitors that come to their sites. These tracking technologies collect data on how long you stayed, what you clicked on, where you went to before and after your visit, and more. They key here is that they’re most often tied to individual websites. Typically, the customer who buys technology from a tracking company does so for their own knowledge.
  • Advertising networks share information across many different sites and collect data, display advertising, place cookies, and do a variety of other things. Typically, the customer who buys from an ad network is a publisher who’s interested in displaying content on many different websites.
  • Social networks are websites that focus on building social relationships between people and helping them share content, interests, and activities. Many social networks track users’ activities across the internet.

Key Features:

  • Block trackers before they get your information
  • Protect you from more than 125 tracking technologies
  • Updates itself to track new trackers automatically

A one-year license of Do Not Track Plus usually costs $29.99 to purchase, but users can now get a pre-release copy absolutely free. To grab this offer, access the following URL from your Mozilla Firefox browser:

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