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Programs that we no longer need should be removed as it keeps our system lean and steady. Windows offers the “Programs and Features” tool to remove third party programs, but the functionality of that tool is very limited. The tool relies on the uninstaller associated with the program to remove files and registry entries. In rare occasions, we see third party programs leaving traces on our system after uninstallation, or worse, failing to uninstall. In such scenarios, tools such as IObit Uninstaller comes in very handy.


The installation process of IObit Uninstaller Pro is quick and simple. You can just hit install and be done with it or use the custom install to change the default location (Program Files). A word of caution, the program bundles unwanted third party software. Irrespective of the installation method you choose, the program will ask you to download additional software that is not necessary for the program’s functionality. Make sure to uncheck it during installation.

Remove third party programs and windows updates

IObit Uninstaller on first run scans your system for installed applications, and then lists them on the interface. You can choose to sort the application list by size, date of installation, or name. Uninstallation can be initiated by clicking on the bin icon. After uninstallation, IOU removes all traces, including registry entries and files associated with that program. Moreover, you can select multiple applications for uninstallation. In that scenario, IOU will sequentially launch the uninstallers of those applications, and then remove all the leftovers.

Install Program List of Iobit Uninstaller

Windows updates are separately grouped in a sub menu with the update name and installation date.  These updates can be removed, but is not recommended, as it leaves your system vulnerable to attacks.

Remove toolbars/plugins and Windows Apps

Support for removal of toolbars and plugins sets IObit Uninstaller apart from most of the similar programs available in the market. You get a list of browser toolbar/plugins installed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It lists all add-ons, even the ones that were installed without user consent and cannot be viewed on the web browser’s add-on manager. You can select the add-ons and remove them just as you would remove programs. In addition, Windows Metro Apps that comes bundled with Windows 8 and 10 can be removed without compromising  system stability.

List of Toolbars and Plugins

Additional tools

Action center lists additional tools from IObit to improve the security and performance of your system. Most of the tools listed here are not free, and require a license for unrestricted access.

Scrolling down the list, you will find the software updater, which lists all the installed programs that are outdated. You can individually update the programs, or select to ‘Update All’ at once by clicking on the green button.

Available updates for installed software

Grab Your Free Activation Key

IOBit Uninstaller Pro has a retail price of $12, but for a limited time you can grab a license free of charge. Visit the Offer Page (Czech), and enter your name and email address to receive your free license. (See translated screen below).Registration Page of Iobit Uninstaller Pro

Download IObit Uninstaller Pro: iobituninstaller.exe [15 MB]

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