[FREE] Lighten PDF Password Remover for Windows

PDF Documents can be locked with a password and other restrictions can be applied, such as the ability to edit, print, or copy data. PDF Password Remover is designed to remove PDF password and other PDF restrictions from multiple PDFs with a single click.

However, password protection from PDF documents can only be removed if you know the correct password. So, do not mistake it for a password recovery tool.

The application interface does not support drag and drop, and files can only be added using the file browser. The interface lists the added files, size of the added files, and password protected status with a lock icon. You need to click on the lock icon and enter the correct password to unlock the document and remove all restrictions associated with it.

Lighten PDF Password Remover is currently available as a free download.

Download from here: pdf-password-remover-free-v110.exe [3 MB]

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