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DxO OpticsPro is an image processing application that is designed specifically for photographers who prefer to shoot in RAW. As you might already know, RAW image file comes straight from the sensor in unprocessed form. The drawback is that most of the images exhibit some kind of lens distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, or edge softness unique to each camera and lens combination. DxO has tested over 300 cameras and 950 lenses, and developed over 30,000 individual profiles for all possible lens/camera combination to correct these artifacts.

The program works by detecting the lens and camera used for the particular image from the EXIF data and automatically applies corrections to the image. The interface is divided into two sections, organize and customize. Most of you will be unware of this fact, but the default view of the program “Organize” shows images with corrections applied to them. If you like the preset corrections, you can save all the images with the corrections applied by using the export to disk option. If you do not like the preset corrections, you can navigate to the “Customize” tab and use the light, color, details and geometry correction tools to achieve the desired result.

Interface of DxO OpticsPro

On DxO’s website, you will notice that most of the OpticsPro pages has been relabeled to PhotoLab. DxO OpticsPro has recently purchased Nik Software, incorporated some of the new technologies to OpticsPro and rebranded it to PhotoLab.

PhotoLab includes Nik Software’s U point technology that allows users to selective edit an object in a particular area. In addition to that, users get automatic repair tool, brush tool and graduated filters. Prior to rebranding, OpticsPro was available in two different editions, Essential and Elite. Both the edition covers all the lens/camera combination profiles developed by DxO, but varies in features. Essential misses out on two primary tools, Denoise (powerful noise reduction algorithm) and ClearView (restores optimal contrast in a scene), as well as some other handy features, such as, preset editing, ICC profile management, and anti-moire tool.

Grab Your Free Activation Code

DxO has a promotion running until July 31 2018, which offers the Essential Edition of OpticsPro, worth $129, completely free of charge. The promo is offered to both Windows and Mac users, and the activation code is valid for simultaneous usage on two systems. Visit the Promo Page and enter your email address to receive your free copy.

Promotion Page of OpticsPro

Activation Tip

On first start, you will be asked to activate the program. You can try the Elite edition without any limitations for 31 days. After the trial period is over, you can activate the Essential Edition by entering the license key that has been sent to your email address.

Activation Pop-Up of Photolabs

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