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Startup Faster is a startup manager that enables users to optimize windows startup. It comes with a simple interface, which lists all the process running at startup and can disable, remove or delay startup of certain process.  Its featured “delay default time” option allows  users  to create their own customized startup order and also set apps to load after start up.

Key Features :

  • Save time: It saves you a lot of time every time you restart. Even if you are using a slow machine, you will find your computer is performing at least 2 times faster.
  • Protect your hard disk: If your startup list is filled with a lot of programs, it will cause massive read and write to hard disk within a short period of time which may cause damage.
  • Manage the startup list: Run programs in a certain order. The order is important in some cases, since some programs depend on other programs so they must be launched in order.

Startup Faster usually costs $24.99 to purchase, but now you can use it for free. Just use the following link to download Startup Faster 3.3 and activate it the registration code :
Registration Code

Download Startup Faster 3.3 [4.1 MB]

[via MegaLab]

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