Free Swift To-Do List 9 Home License Code

Swift To-Do List is a powerful daily task organizer that uses a very simple interface to help you easily manage your tasks. On the first start, it asks you to create a new database or open an existing database. Once you have created your database, you can start creating tasks. The task tool include options to enter the task name, set the priority, due date, reminder time, add notes, attachments, and set the task as recurring.


After you are finished with a task, you can mark it as done. You can also create sub-tasks of parent tasks, but that feature is only available in the professional edition. In addition to creating tasks, you can create spreadsheets, memos, sticky notes. If there is an attachment required to finish the task, you can add it to the task. You can add any file that is available in your local system as attachment. Folders, email address, and website URL can also be attached to tasks.


You can get the license code of Swift To-Do List Home edition completely free by registering here. The registration page is in Czech, use Google translate or follow the illustrated screen below.swift-registration

The license code will be instantly displayed when you submit the registration form. swift-home-license

Download Swift To-Do List 9: swifttodolist.exe [25 MB]

The setup by default will launch the professional edition (30 days trial). To activate the home edition, navigate to “Help” -> “Enter new license code” -> Paste / Enter the free license code.

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