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Videos recorded from smartphones and other handheld cameras often add shakes and vibrations to your videos. Most of these handheld devices lack optical image stabilization technology, which is why you may end up with shaky footage even when trying to record with a very steady hand. Shaky footage can be corrected with video optimization programs, one of which is Videomizer.

Videomizer is a simple, straightforward video optimization program designed to optimize saturation, contrast, and remove shakes or motion blurs from video files. The program can additionally convert video clips to other formats. The interface allows drag and drop, but that support is limited. By limited, we mean that if you try to drag files to the main window, the files will not be added. Instead, you have to drag files to the detail/preview list queue. This is somewhat peculiar, but you should get used to it. You can also add files using the traditional file browser, which includes a dedicated function to add the contents of an entire folder.


Files added to the queue are not instantly added to the timeline, you have to select the file you want to add to the timeline by double clicking on it. The timeline does not offer any editing functions, which we again found peculiar. Instead, the preview window features the editing tools. You can set the start time, end time and trim the clip duration. That is all the editing functions you are going to get. Even basic editing features such as crop, resize, split and merge are missing. The main window by default displays the file preview in split view, which displays both original and processed preview side by side. This mode is kind of resource intensive, and if you do not have a powerful system we recommend switching to single preview mode.

Moving on to the right sidebar, we find two of the highlighted features of the program, Optimize and Stabilize. The optimize feature takes care of the color, contrast, and brightness of the video. You can choose the intensity of the effect using the provided slider. You can also choose to use the automatic optimization algorithm to apply effect based on the scene.

The stabilize feature is disabled by default, to enable it, click on the checkbox beside the label. Like the optimize feature, stabilize also features a slider to adjust the intensity. You can choose to stabilize only shaking, rotation, or both.  To stabilize based on the scene, you should use the automatic stabilization feature.

Most of the advanced video editing features are missing from Videomizer. For such features, you should use Aiseesoft Video Editor Pro (available free of charge for a limited time)

Get your Free License Key

Videomizer 2 lacks advanced or even the basic editing features we see in such applications, but if you just want an application to remove shakes and blurs from your videos, Videomizer has you covered. The program has a retail price of $14.99, but you can now grab a full version license of the program, free of charge. Visit the Serial Number Request page and enter your email address. The key will be instantly displayed when you submit the form.

Download Videomizer 2 [54 MB]

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