Get Paragon Disk Wiper 10 Special Edition Free License

About Paragon Disk Wiper 10 :

Paragon Disk Wiper 10 SE irreversibly destroys all on-disk data in compliance with major national government and military data erasure standards, as well as the most comprehensive academic wipe algorithms, thus providing maximum level of security. Simply erasing or reformatting your hard disk drive may not be enough to prevent financial records, passwords and other confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands. Safeguard your personal identity or company trade secrets with Paragon Disk Wiper Professional. Disk Wiper Professional provides skilled resources and comprehensive wiping tools to help you with this important but often overlooked security risk. Disk Wiper Professional allows you to: Completely and easily erase all live data so as it cannot be recovered with any existing technology. Quickly and efficiently sanitize the hard disks in order to protect valuable business information and also because there is, in the most countries, a legal obligation to do so.

Instructions :
1. Visit the following Promo URL. Enter your First name, Last name and valid Email id.

2. The License Key will be sent to your email address. [You will receive an email from [email protected] with your product registration info]

3. Download Paragon Disk Wiper 10 SE Setup from here.

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