Get through your email faster with Gmail Priority Inbox

Most people have problems with too many mails arriving everyday, and most of them being just spam messages. That is why Google will be implementing “Priority Inbox” (in beta) a feature that is said to help people prioritize it’s most important mails from some more or less important.

This feature will be working using formulas devised by the Google Team, to automatically figure out and highlight which incoming messages are likely to be the most important to each Gmail user.

Those who will want to activate the Priority Inbox will see their messages in 3 different categories:”Important and unread” emails found at the top, “Starred” section where stared mails are and “Everything else”. You can change these settings back anytime with a simple click.

The mail analysis is done using using some different factors like the user’s most frequent contacts, how most users get the same message, keywords that are in the message and how often you open messages with those certain keywords and even the content of the message.

With this new Priority Inbox feature Google, with the help of users using Gmail will know better what messages to block and what not and help protect you from spam and ads mails.

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