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Watermarking is very important if frequently share your photos on the internet. The photos may be of your holiday vacation or commercial project, but you should always add some information in the form of watermark to protect them from unauthorized usage. Watermarking provides indication of ownership and protects the content from being reused and manipulated.

AoaoPhoto Watermark is a batch photo watermarking application that can add text and image watermarks. The application uses a wizard type interface with the process divided into three steps, loading photos, editing watermark and setting output parameters. The first step requires you to add photos using the file browser or via drag and drop. Once you are done adding your photos, you proceed to the watermarking phase. Here you can add text or images as watermark. You can also add frames, crop photos, resize photos, and batch rename image file. You are provided with two auto rename options, numeric and alphanumeric.

The text watermark tool allows you to select text font, color, size, and add shadow effect and alignment settings. The image watermark tool is almost similar with options to resize image, add shadow, apply transparency, and select alignment settings. All the changes made to the text or image watermark tool is saved in the form of layers. Therefore, if you are not happy with a layer, you can turn them off or modify them. Moreover, the opacity of each layer can be modified.

Output is the last phase of the three steps wizard. Here you can select the DPI, output format, and setting related to that format. For instance, if you select JPEG as your output format, you can set the set the quality or compression of the output image. Once you are done with the settings, the program will watermark all your photos in batch mode.

AoaoPhoto Watermark has a retail value of $29.  Access this URL to download your free copy. The giveaway is valid until July 30, 2014

Update: The last giveaway has expired. Aoao has launched  a special world up edition that can be downloaded for free until July 15, 104. Visit the offer page to download.


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