[Giveaway] Wonderfox Video to GIF Converter

GIF images can be static as well as animated. The static version is mostly used for color limited line arts and illustrations. The animated version is more popular around the internet. Animated GIFs uses frames that are played to form a sequence. This sequence can be infinitely looped to play forever. Animated GIFs are commonly used on message boards and sites like reddit.

Users usually select and share a small part of the video in the form of GIF. The reason behind this is, GIFs are very small in size compared to videos and as mentioned before can be looped forever.  To develop GIFs images from videos, you will need a converter such as Wonderfox Video to GIF converter.

Wonderfox Video to GIF Converter divides the conversion process into two steps. You first load a video file then select the part you want to convert using the slider present at the bottom of the converter. You can set output image resolution, frame rate and apply dozens of preset effects using the settings present on the right. The next step previews the current frames and allows you to set the start and end frame, GIF speed, loop cycle and output format. Once you are done with the settings, you can click on the run button to start the conversion process.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Convert any video to gif animation
  • Trim video to convert only a segment of video to gif animation
  • Customize width and height of output gif
  • Select frame rate or adjust play speed of gif animation
  • Remove unwanted frames from the converted gif
  • Optimize output gif’s image quality and file size

For a limited time, we are giving away unlimited free copies of Wonderfox Video to GIF Converter (value $19). Download your free copy using the following link. The zip archive contains the license file and installer.

Offer Free Download Video to GIF Converter

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