Google Analytics gets better with In-Page Analytics

Google’s latest release, In-Page Analytics beta aims to simplify the life of webmasters who found it difficult to track the navigation details of users on their site. Before this, Google’s Analytics service served the same purpose with a list of columns and bar-charts which failed to convey sufficient visual meaning. However, the new In-Page Analytics beta superimposes the Analytics data on the webmasters site, thereby offering better visualization.

The new In-Page Analytics view provides a bubble over every link present on the site which contains details like number and percentage of clicks on that particular link. Besides it also provides in-depth information about them too. This feature can be found at the contents section in the Google Analytics account where it has replaced the option of site overlay. Google in its Official Blog has admitted that this feature is still undergoing beta session and therefore it is likely to have errors and bugs. However, the users are requested to try it and provide suggestions and share their experience.

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