Google celebrates its 12th anniversary with new doodle

Google celebrates its 12th birthday with new ‘doodle’ of a celebration cake and a candle. Earlier doodles were mostly graphic but this painting is completely new in the history of Google logos.The doodle is a work of art from Wayne Thiebaud, a Los Angeles based 89 years old artist.Google was founded on September 4, 1998 in USA but company celebrates its birthday in between September 07 and 27.

In this span of twelve years the Company has grown immensely and laid successful ventures in all fields like search engine, web browser like Chrome, operating systems and mobile phones.Google has been rated as the number one search engine in the entire web community.Owing to its simple design and speedy service the engine has shadowed other contemporary search engines like Yahoo.Google has become the worlds most valuable brand by beating major flagship companies in terms of capital.

Innovation has been a part of Google which has rightfully earned it fame and success.By looking back at the incredible service provided to the world in the last 12 years, the company deserves heart full birthday congratulations


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