Google challenges JPEG with WebP

Google seems to challenge the web dominance of JPEG image format with its own format named WebP. After offering countless services in the fields of video codec, protocol transfer, programming language etc. , Google is aiming to take-over the image field with its new launch. The innovative feature in the new format WebP is the reduction of image size. Such an effort will increase the web page loading speed by 26 % since 65 % of web page content comprises of images and pictures.

WebP is derived from WebM, the open source, royalty free technology for video coding from Google. The company claims that an average of 40 % reduction in image size can be achieved in the WebP format, while conserving the original quality of the JPEG image. A comparison can be found here.  Though WebP lies ahead in the race for image size, it lags behind JPEG in cases like encoding time which is roughly 8 times the time required to encode a JPEG image. Earlier attempts to challenge the popularity of JPEG have not succeeded. Notable attempts of the past include Microsoft’s JPEG x R format and JPEG 2000 format which failed to shook the foundation of the JPEG web empire.

Google has released WebM format as open source to receive active participation and suggestions form all.More details regarding the release can be found on the Chromium Blog .

Download the conversion tool from here.

[via CNET]

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