Google’s Real Time Search Updated

When Real Time Search was added in december, it’s main priority was to offer fresh news and updates but now the goal has been changed to help the user find what he is looking for more easily.That is what they made a new home for Real Time Search and added more tools to make searching more simple.

One of the tools added is the geographical refinement, which will help you out when trying to find the latest news from a specific location, like for example you go to England and want to find updates from London.Well now you can with just a click.

Also they have added real time conversation view, so you can now just see the full conversation without needing to follow all those tweets and click all those links.The conversations are sorted from the oldest to the newest one so you can see how it developed.

And the last big thing added is the updates notification system.Now you can receive updates when a new topic appeared on Twitter or other  short-form services through your mail and you can set it to send you a message for every tweet, once a day or once a week.

Google also does what twitter doesn’t that is searching for status updates, an area where Twitter doesn’t excel at all and it doesn’t stop here since it works for status updates on Facebook too.

Google Real-Time Search Link :
Experiment with the new features here.

For more details check this video:

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