Google Releases Chrome 6 Final

Google Chrome celebrates 2 years of existence with the new version 6.0 stable.Since the day they launched there have been some changes here and there but there were also some things that didn’t change almost at all.

When it launched Chrome was a very simple browser yet powerful browser, with a clean and minimalist UI and amazing speeds.From the beginning it supported Windows, MAC and Linux, making it faster and safer with every version.

Also the number of features added is very impressive.They’ve added TAB page customization, browser themes, password manager, side-by-side view, better privacy controls, built-in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, automatic translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various settings such as bookmarks, themes, extensions and browser preferences.

This new version is proof of that, being even faster than the old ones, actually being 3 times faster than the old one released 2 years ago on JavaScript performance.If you thought the old one was minimalist well then this one is as some might not believe, above that in this category.

The new version, has a lot of features improved and a lot of bugs fixed. Major changes are :

  • Updated UI
  • Form Autofill
  • Syncing of extensions and Autofill data
  • Increased speed and stability

[More information about changes and bugfixes can be found on Google Chrome Releases]

Good thing about Chrome is that it has a great team behind to make it better and better for you and all the millions of users. You can now download the latest final build of Google Chrome 6 at

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