Google tests ‘Full page preview’ in its search results

Just after a few weeks of the release of Google Instant, the web giant has started testing another revolutionary feature that will greatly affect the surfing habits of web users. Presently, users from some parts of Asia and Europe have been provided the advantage of experiencing the new  Full Page preview option of Google search. This feature allows a user to preview a page from a search result without actually having to select it, thereby reducing the the number of clicks required to reach a relevant page of information.

If the feature is enabled, the search results come with a small magnifying glass icon beside them. On hovering over this icon, that particular search result gets highlighted with a pale blue background. Simultaneously, a pop up image appears on the right hand side of the screen which gives a full page preview of that site. Not just that, the preview image also has orange-framed highlighted segments that contains text relevant to the search item. With this new preview system, the website graphic alone becomes enough to suggest the right link to the user without having to hover through a series of suggested sites.

This feature has already been included in Microsoft’s search engine, Bing but Google incorporates it with small innovative changes. This system will increase the time users stay on the Google page while searching for information , but at the same time, will directly affect the visitor stats of some sites and reduce their advertising revenues.

[via : CNET]

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