Google to launch TV Service in U.S. this year

Google TV intends to bring TV viewers and web surfers together to the biggest screen in the house,the television.Its basically an interface aiming to integrate internet content with traditional broadcast television.Google declared the launch of the service in the US by this autumn and worldwide next year.The service will be absolutely free.There are three places where Google TV can be seen right now : a set top box by Logitech, Sony televisions and a Sony Blu-ray player.

Turning on the Google TV greets the viewer with a search bar in which one can type in what he/she would like to watch, whether it be a television channel or some show on the web.In either case the user can select or tune in to the proper content of his/her preference.Google TV supports recording of programs and access them later on with ease.It has a built in web browser implying that all rich web contents can now be searched, recorded and saved from the television.This innovative mixture of web and TV allows the viewing of multiple sources of information in multiple panes on the same screen.

Interestingly, Google TV can pair with Android phones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.Thus loading a page on the Android phone would also load it on the TV screen.Similarly the phones voice recognition feature can be effectively used to change TV channels or search for online shows just by talking.The entire Android App Store can be successfully accessed by Google TV as well.Most of the apps would work on both the platforms except those built specifically for cell phone hardware.

Sony has already agreed to embed Google TV into its television sets and Samsung too is on  a similar deal.Google is currently working with a variety of programme makers and electronics manufacturers to bring it to consumers.However, all this is just a glimpse of a few features that can be achieved by the combination of web and television.

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