Google to shut down 1-800-GOOG-411 on November

Google bids a good bye to its 2007 launched first speech recognition service, 1-800-GOOG-411. It offered voice based search to deliver directory assistance to find business around the US and Canada. The shut down has been scheduled on 12th of November this year. Not much of the world will miss it since the service is currently available nowhere in the world but US and Canada only. GOOG-411 was basically launched to serve as the platform for further research on Google’s contemporary voice recognition technology which has advanced considerably from then.

Google has utilized the service’s feedback to develop its modern highly sophisticated voice recognition feature which we observe in present day Android devices in the form of Voice search, Voice input and Voice recognition. Having served its purpose and facing tough competition from Google’s other products like Google Voice app and Gmail’s business calling feature, the service has been nominated for discontinuation. Google is now concentrating to innovate new multi language voice tools on its new generation devices.

Thinking about the non-smartphone users, Google has put forward a substitute texting service for the GOOG-411. Any US or Canada resident trying to call a business can SMS its name and location to 466453(“GOOGLE”) and will shortly receive the sought information on their phones in the form of a text message. The user can also choose the phone calling feature of Gmail to call any US business free of charge.

[Source : Official Google Blog ]

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