Google TV gets its own official website

A few weeks back we had posted about the launch of Google TV and now just prior to its US launch, Google has put up its official Google TV website and Google TV Blog which clearly portrays the various features and characteristics of the upcoming service. The website provides a stylish interface with sections like Quick tour, Features, Spotlight, Developers, Get It and Share.

‘Quick tour’ option as the name suggests provides an overall glimpse of the Google TV while the ‘Features’ tab highlights each of them individually with snaps and explanations. ‘Spotlight’ is aimed at illuminating the integration of web and television, ‘Developers’ speak on the design optimization and app creation advantages, ‘Get It’ lists the two ways of getting a Google TV which are a standalone smart TV from Sony and a Logitech Revue box that can be used in combination with the existing TV. The page also provides an option to get e-mail alerts from Google TV when the said products become available in the market. Both of them are expected to arrive for sale soon.

The product is sure to receive tough competition from other services like Apple TV and Roku box but its sophisticated list of content partners like CNN, CNBC, HBO etc. is sure to give it an extra edge over the other contenders in the existing market.

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