Grab a free copy of Secure My Files 3

Secure My Files is a small utility that enables to you to hide, encrypt, and block access to private files and folders. The program is powerful, yet very simple to use. It offers users with three different modes of encryption: file encryption/decryption for easy protection of files with AES 256b encryption, folder locking for blocking access to any particular folder, and portable encryption for creating an encrypted archive of files and folders that can be carried securely on any portable media – only the original creator can decrypt the archive.

Key Features:

  • Encrypt files in few seconds: Secure My Files 3 uses AES 256b to protect your files, and IT’S FAST.
  • Create portable Secure Bins: You can store your files in portable Secure Bins (password protected) and take them with you anywhere.
  • Encrypt your USB everywhere: Encrypt or decrypt your removable drive on any computer without installing anything.

The developers of secure my files are currently running a 24-hour limited time promo of Secure My Files 3 (value $9.99). To grab a free copy, just visit the SecuSimple Blog and leave a comment (with valid email).

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