HeyWire offers free international SMS on iOS devices

HeyWire an iOS app is available for free on the iTunes appstore that supports free international messaging. The app, created by MediaFriends, allow any iOS device owner to send and receive international SMS for free.  Supported in 114 countries and by 360 mobile operators including all in the US and Canada, the app is sure to increase inter-border communication among friends and loved ones.

The app provides a personalized phone number to each user by which they can send and receive SMS. As an added benefit the app also provides the option for Facebook chat and Instant messaging . Supported in all major languages, HeyWire also provides for emoticons and multi-contact texting (upto 10). User can even switch devices during conversation, without missing their previous bits on the newly switched device. HeyWire does not cost roaming charges from its users when they are travelling abroad and nor does it incur any carrier charge on message receiving if the receiver has got it installed. The app works pretty cool with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch and serves to simplify real-time text communication across multiple messaging platforms and devices.

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[via : CNET]

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