[Free] iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter

Today, we are going to be talking about iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter, which does exactly what the name implies.

You must be wondering why you need a PDF converter. PDFs are immensely popular due to their ability to retain fixed layout, fonts, graphics and other elements regardless of the operating system or reader used. Most of the apps that can read PDFs cannot edit them. Few apps have proper PDF editing abilities, but are very expensive.

The easiest way to modify PDFs is to convert them to editable word document format (.DOC) and (.DOCX). MS Office starting from version 2013 does have the ability to open/convert PDF files for editing. However, that support seems to be limited, as we often found MS office crashing when opening large PDF files or giving out error messages such as ‘the document author has set permissions that do not allow the document to be modified’.iskysoft-pdf-word-converter-working-window

iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter on the other hand quickly converts PDFs, plus you have the added advantage of converting multiple PDFs (up to 200) in one session. The interface displays a blank working area where PDFs can be added via the traditional file browser or drag and drop. PDFs are listed along with their file information (name, pages and size), selected pages and status. You can select the pages for conversion by entering the page range or the specific page numbers separated by commas. The file conversion progress of each file is displayed and when the conversion is complete, the progress bar is replaced with the output file name and link to open folder containing the file.

The program does an excellent job of retaining the layout, graphics and text of the original PDF file. Apart from tables, we found that most of the elements were exactly in place as in the original PDF. Moreover, files that we had issues opening with MS Word, due to forbidden editing and printing permissions, converted without any issues.conversion-complete

Password protected files display a small lock icon around the corner – The correct password of these files needs to be entered prior to conversion or the program will skip these files.

During conversion of scanned PDFs, you will be reminded to upgrade to the Pro edition as this edition lacks OCR technology, and as a result, your output PDFs will only have scanned images, no text.

For only 24 hours, you can get the basic edition of iSkysoft PDF to Word, which has a retail value of $29, free of charge. Grab your free copy by registering here.

Download iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter: pdf-to-word_full1277.exe [10 MB]

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