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As you may already know, file fragmentation  reduces performance of your hard drive. File fragmentation occurs when a  file cannot be saved sequentially on the drive sector. There are tools built in to windows to defragment your hard drive. If you prefer a more quick option, you can try JetDrive from Abelssoft. The application uses a unique algorithm that quickly defragment drives. It even includes a system file defrag feature that will defragment your windows files and give you a performance boost almost instantly.

The application interface is simply designed for both novice and advanced users. If you are a novice user, you can select the “defrag suggested drives” feature that will analyze and only defrag the drives that have fragmented files. Advanced users on the other hand can run the defragment wizards to set their defragment preferences.

The wizards provide three different defragment options: complete system optimization, quick defragmentation, and manual. Complete system optimization does more than just defrag and requires you to reboot your computer after the process is complete. It cleans your temporary files, and defrags the windows registry and  protected windows files. Quick defragmentation sorts files according to their path. You can select the drives you want to defrag.

In addition to defrag, you can also use JetDrive to just clean temporary files and defrag the windows registry. The application provides separate tools to run both these tasks.

Download the full version of JetDrive Ultimate 7 (retail value $29.95)

Install the program and register with your name and email address. The application does not need any kind of license for activation.

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