Kryptel Standard Encryption Software Free Download

Kryptel Standard is an easy to use file encryption software that uses secure containers to protect your files and folders. Just right click on the file or folder that you want to encrypt and Kryptel will do the rest. The containers are very flexible and can hold hundreds of files and folders. Moreover, Kryptel uses an explorer like interface that enables easy browsing of files or folders in the encrypted container.

Kryptel containers are failure resistant and allow data recovery on corrupted containers that may have been damaged due to hardware or system failure.

Key Features:

  • Kryptel fully integrates with Windows, allowing you to encrypt files or folder right from Windows Explorer or your favorite file manager.
  • Kryptel can encrypt any number of files or folders in single click.
  • Instead of typing in a password, you can use a binary key stored on your USB stick. Kryptel will locate and use it automatically.
  • Kryptel includes an integrated data shredder and leaves no trace of sensitive data behind.

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