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Video Conversion is not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with video formats. Most ordinary converters out in the market require users to have extensive video knowledge. You may research and find the formats supported by your media or portable player, but without the right settings, the video will be unplayable. With most free converters, basic knowledge is not enough. You always need to find the right video settings – aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, size, and bitrate, all on your own.

Leawo Video Converter is an easy to use program suitable for both novice and expert users. It uses a simple intuitive interface where files can be added via drag and drop or file browser. The queue file list shows the original length, trimmed length, estimated file size, output format and 3D status icon. You can convert 2D videos to 3D by clicking on the 3D icon and selecting any of the six provided 3D presets. 3D effects can be previewed using the preview window. You can also capture snapshots of videos using this window.


Desired output format can be changed by using profiles. Leawo Video Converter provides a lot of preset profiles that can be used by novice users to quickly convert videos for their device. Popular device profiles include iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android Phones, Windows Mobiles, Tablets, Xbox, PS3 and many more.


Preset profile settings can be changed by expert users to suit their needs. The custom made settings can be saved as a new profile, which can be later selected to apply on a different conversion.


In addition to conversion, Leawo Video Converter can be used to edit videos.  Use its easy slider to trim large videos by setting the start and end time. You can later merge all the trimmed clips to form a sequence.  Crop videos and apply video enhancements effects, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and volume level. Watermarks can be added to protect your work from unauthorized usage.

Grab your free copy:
Leawo has launched a back to school giveaway that offers unlimited free license keys of Leawo Video Converter 5. To grab your free license, access this page and enter your valid email address.

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