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As the name already aptly suggests, this software from developers Macrorit is used to wipe data permanently from a storage drive. These sorts of drives include internal hard drives or external hard drives. You can also select a specific partition within the hard drive to erase, leaving any other partitions as they were. The manufacturers offer a free and paid version of the program. Today we are going to take a look at the paid version and the features it offers.


When you run the program, you will see an option at the top that lets you select from a number of wiping methods, which include quick solution from “Fill with Zeros” to secure but slow wiping solutions such as “Peter Gutmann’s algorithm (35 Passes)”. You then proceed to point out the drive that you wish to erase (or a specific partition as the case may be) and then you click a “Wipe Now” button.

The program requests for confirmation that you wish to begin the process, requesting that you type the word “Wipe” in a dialogue box and then click a “Start” button before it begins to run. We particularly liked this fail-safe process as it guards against potentially damaging accidental erasures.

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Main Window of Macrorit Data Wiper

Standout Features

The program is easy to use, and as we have already seen the way it is set up, you are unlikely to erase drives inadvertently. In addition to drives and partitions, you also have the option to securely erase recycle bin files and wipe free space.

One of the feature that stands out is the support for wiping system drives. You might be wondering how that is possible since the operating system is currently active.

The standard procedure used by Macrorit is to lock partitions before starting the secure clean-up process. When you select your system drive, the program fails to lock the drive as it is currently being used by Windows, and prompts you to restart your system. Upon system restart, the program starts the wipe procedure during system boot up.

Secure wiping during system bootup

However, do note that this feature is only available in the pro edition, so you need to upgrade if you are a free user.

Supported Platforms

This program was tested on a personal computer running the Windows 10 OS. However, data from the developers suggests that it will work on computers running other versions of Windows including XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Home Server 2011, Server 2012, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

Bottom Line

The program functions exactly as advertised. It is a good data destruction software, and the fail-safe procedure is an added advantage. On a side note, we would like to see the manufacturer provide support for other operating systems, especially Mac OS, but they have done a good job with this one and we absolutely recommend it.

Grab Your Free Activation Key

Macrorit is offering our readers free copies of the pro edition of Macrorit Data Wiper, which has a retail value of $29. The activation key provided by Macrorit will only work during the giveaway period, i.e. till August 31, 2018. So make sure to install and activate your free copy during the giveaway period.

Download Macrorit Data Wiper Pro with Activation Key [22 MB]

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