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Most of the computer geeks out there know how to manage windows partition. If you are not aware of drive partition, the following post will give you a brief idea of how it is useful.

By default your laptop or desktop may have only two partition one for OS installation (C:/) and other for OS recovery. By default, the recovery drive may be hidden or cannot be used. You are forced to use the OS installation drive for all purposes. The drawback behind this is, OS boot up tend to slow down when you fill up the drive with files. Also, in case of virus infection, which primarily targets the installation drive, you will not be able to format the drive as all your files are saved there. By creating additional partitions, you can organize files better and even have a dual boot OS environment. You can install a second OS on the created partition.

Magic Partition Resizer Pro uses a simple interface where you can create, merge, shrink and extend partitions with just a couple of clicks. You can also copy partitions prior to making any kind of changes on them. It also has the ability to perform resizes without formatting, which retains all existing data. It supports both FAT32 and NTFS file systems.

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Download Magic Partition Resizer: resizer-pro.exe [3.60 MB]

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