McAfee Internet Security 2020 Free 182 Days License Key Code

McAfee Internet Security 2020 brings visual as well as under the hood improvements. Stand out changes this year include a new user interface and omission of parental control that helped parents manage child’s access to internet and third-party apps. Parental control has been rebranded to Safe Family and is now offered only to Total Security and Live Safe users.

If you are already familiar with the new features that McAfee brings to the table, skip to the promotion area below where you can register and request a free license key / activation code to download McAfee Internet Security 182 days trial. Please note that this trial does not restrict any features and is comparable to the full version of the program.

For a long time, McAfee has been a well-known antivirus that provides a plenitude of features in its regular standalone product, making it hard to differentiate its security suite. At a price of $59.95, the newly introduced McAfee Internet Security 2020 program comes with a solid variety of added features that may not particularly benefit everyone. However, customers receive protection for every device they own as compared to other antivirus programs, like Kaspersky and Norton, which have a limit on the number of devices you can use on a single license.

In addition to the versatile upgraded user interface, the top picks for the newly added features in McAfee Internet Security include password management, spam filtering and firewall.

User Interface of McAfee Internet Security 2020

Test Results

Over a series of independent hands-on antivirus tests, McAfee boasts a top-notch internet security that has the ability to distinguish between malicious and authentic URLs, as well as eliminating potential malware files.

When it comes to antivirus protection against viruses, McAfee stands out. According to AV-TEST, McAfee did extremely well in this category but dropped in rankings when it came to performance. Much of this is contributed by its delay on computers during the installation of large applications such as PC games.

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Anti-Spam Filtering

When it comes to spam filtering, McAfee has a lot to offer. McAfee integrates with Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Netscape, filtering spam from both POP3 email clients and web accounts. Spam filtering configuration can be optimized at different levels from “minimal” to “restricted”. By default, McAfee blocks phishing emails and reduces your spam emails by using custom settings that can block unknown languages. You can also customize the spam filtering rules by making friend lists.

Anti-Spam settings of McAfee IS 2020

Password Manager

The true key password manager poses to be the most useful feature on this package as it supports a myriad of multi-factor authentication options like master passwords, facial, and fingerprint recognition as well as trusted device management allowing you to synchronize data between all of your devices. Although, you could install McAfee Internet Security on every device you own, you are only allowed license for one True Key profile and the only possible way to obtain a separate profile for everyone in your household is to upgrade to a different package like Total Protection.

With an exceptional authentication system that handles standard password management, True Key stands out among other features allowing you to unlock and access your device without having to remember all your passwords. Unfortunately, a few features are missing like its inability to auto-fill personal data on web forms.

McAfee True Key 2020

Parental Control*

McAfee’s parental control module is where parents can limit their kid’s access to inappropriate information and sites by configuring it with a password. The restrictions are based on specific age groups while any information related to drugs or pornography are automatically blocked by default for all age groups.

Parental control can be applied to any particular user account, however, the module warns not to activate parental control on administrator accounts, as they can bypass the filter by uninstalling McAfee Internet Security.

*Update Jan-2020: Parental control is now family safe and only available to McAfee Total Security and Live Safe users.


McAfee’s performance seems to be a problem for most of its antivirus users and scores an average status based on its impact on system performance. A series of conducted speed tests ranging from scanning speed to installing a third-party application showed that there was a difference in performance when McAfee was installed, slowing down the system. However, the performance drag on these activities is not as significant anymore, as McAfee’s new 2020 upgrade made a bit of an improvement from its previous iterations.


Over the recent years, McAfee has been labelled as having the worst customer support service for any antivirus program, considering they were unresponsive to most customers and leave you to deal with any issues you had with its programs. However, the new 2020 line up provides enhanced support system covered by phone, chat or online throughout the course of your subscription. This gives consumers the confidence to buy the product on their website with the hope of getting critical issues resolved back if anything goes wrong.

Bottom Line

Overall, with an upgrade from your basic Antivirus Plus to Internet Security suite you get features you may not need, as the basics are present in the younger sibling. Aside from firewall and anti-spam, the package does not seem to offer a lot from the plus plan. The only positive aspect would be the smart password management tool, true key, which supports multiple devices and makes it easy to login to websites and services.

If you don’t need the additional features that internet security provides, then checkout the promotion for McAfee Antivirus Plus 2020.

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