Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta

Microsoft has released its latest version of web browser, Internet Explorer 9 beta, tagged as “most ambitious browser release Microsoft has ever undertaken“.Clad in a host of new features and offering a speedier performance, the beta version aims at regaining Microsoft’s hold on the browser market which is slowly being taken over by other popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

The features that has been added to IE9 to provide its users a better a web experience are as follows :

  • Streamlined Design : Common command bar functions have been grouped into buttons, allowing the web page to get the center stage.
  • Pinned sites : Certain web pages that are regularly visited by the user get pinned on the taskbar for one click access.
  • Download Manager : A feature that keeps track of the downloaded files providing lots of usable options like pausing or stopping a download and moving to its location on the disk.
  • Enhanced Tabs : Allows opening of multiple webpages on the same window thereby permitting simultaneous access to both of them.Colour coding helps to segregate realted tabs.
  • New Tab Page : Displays a list of the most visited sites with an indicator that displays how often that page is visited.
  • Search in the Address bar : Inserting a full address in the address bar opens the web page whereas partial search engine invokes a search using the default search engine.
  • Add-on performance advisor : Displays which add-on is slowing down the browsers performance so that the user can choose to disable or remove it.
  • Hardware Acceleration : IE9 utilizes the computers graphic processor to handle graphics heavy tasks like video streaming or online gaming.Thi speeds up the performance and make the web pages behave like nimble apps running directly on the computer.

IE9 supports incoming global web standards such as HTML5 allowing web developers to create rich web sites with graphics and video.
All this will surely give IE9 a “kickstart” in the market.However IE9’s late arrival (end of this year or next year) might bring chances to its rivals to include these features.Hence, an early release is required.

Download Internet Explorer 9 (Beta)

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