MyGreenPC – Remote PC Access Free Premium Accounts

MyGreenPC is a new PC access service that allows users to remotely share files and printer. It can also power-down or power-up remote PCs when needed and is very secure since all communication between the host and the remote computer is protected with AES 256-Bit encryption.
For a limited period, you can sign up for Premium accounts for free which normally costs 29.99$ per year. Premium account will give you unlimited usage, control up to 5 PCs, customer support and ability to participate in their referral program. You can earn upto $5 for every person you refer.

Why the name MyGreenPC?
MyGreenPC service can remotely power up your PC. Unlike other remote PC services, the computer does not need to be left running the entire time you are away thus saving the energy bill. At average PC consumption of 120W, using this feature and depending on your PC usage you can save upto $10 (or more) per PC per month.

Key Features :

  • Ability to power-on your PC remotely!
  • 32-Bit Hi-Color
  • Audio redirection
  • Copy/Paste between local & remote computers
  • Remote Printing
  • Generate One-Time Passwords on the go for utmost security.
  • Fully Encrypted sessions using AES 256-Bit encryption (Read more).
  • Ability to by-pass home/corporate firewalls and establish Direct Connection between PCs.
  • Installer-less Client software, just download & run!
  • Save money on electricity bill every month!

MyGreenPC Basic vs Premium Feature Comparison :

Instructions :
1. Sign Up for a free premium account

2. Login to your account

3. Follow the steps mentioned in the setup guide to setup any PC for remote access

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