New charges for Google Chrome extensions Gallery

Google Chrome has had an immense success since it started and so have been the extensions for it.Currently having more than 6000 extensions and with almost a total of 10 million downloads per month there had to be those people who don’t want to help at all and just want to scam people, in this case, with extensions made by them to steal personal data from you.But Google  has found a new way to stop this and will be implementing it soon.

Protection, that is the main concern with so many extensions added every day and downloaded by users.This is way, if you want to upload your own extensions you must now pay a lifetime fee of $5.This will also be implemented for themes and soon applications too.The way this will protect people is that they will be able to ban somebody and if the certain person wants to return he will be needing not only $5 but also a new paypall account, new personal data and so on.And just to be sure you do not waste money for nothing, they will also be paying you a certain amount of money for each download you make.So if you charge the minimum amount you will be getting $1,59 per download and you can go higher.

Also, they will be adding a domain verification on every extension.This way users will know if the it is an official extension and they will also be able to see the official website of the brand.

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