Norton Antivirus 2014 Product Key Free 6 Months Subscription

Norton had a bad reputation of using too much system resources and eventually slowing down the system, that reputation has faded away since 2012 when Symantec started to improve the performance of their security products. In fact, Norton Antivirus 2014 is now one of the best performing security product for Windows. Norton like other security firms has stopped using a version number on their interface. We added 2014 to the title to distinguish it from the previous edition.

Norton Antivirus 2014 installs in less than a minute, uses minimal system resources and runs tasks in the background.  It uses the same Windows 8 matched touch friendly interface that was introduced in the previous 2013 edition. Norton has not added any new features to this years’ edition, however the existing features have been improved.

Key Features:

  • Insight identifies which files and applications are safe and which are dangerous, using the combined feedback of more than 175 million Norton users.
  • Norton Community Watch tracks virtually every file on the Internet for comprehensive global threat monitoring.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection detects the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect you from never-before-seen threats.
  • Internet Protection System scours websites and social networking sites for suspicious links and content to identify the latest social networking scams.
  • Download Insight and IP Address Insight prevent you from downloading files from websites that have a low reputation score within the Norton user community.
  • Scam Insight reviews a website’s reputation and lets you know if it’s safe to enter your personal information.
  • Identity Safe remembers, secures and automatically enters your usernames and passwords for you, so they can’t be lost or stolen.
  • Safe Web tells you if a website is unsafe before you visit it and it’s too late.
  • Insight + Optimized File Copy identifies safe files and only scans unknown files.
  • Built-in Intelligence maximizes battery life by putting off non-critical activities until you are plugged in and out of full-screen mode.

Couple of years back, Facebook marketplace teamed up with major antivirus firms to offer free six months subscription of their famous antivirus products. Symantec was one of them and they recently updated their marketplace antivirus version to 2014. You can download the antivirus from the marketplace or skip that and download using the direct link provided below.

Download Norton Antivirus 2014 Trial (Six Months): Setup.exe [229 MB]

Please note that the above trial offer is only available for new users. It will not work if you have previously used or installed any version of Norton Antivirus.

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