Ocster Backup Easy 6 Free Download [ComputerBild Promo]

Ocster backup easy is a simple backup solution that is designed to perform backup tasks automatically, users just need specify which folder/files that they want to back and the program takes care of the rest. The backup file can be stored on the local machine, or externally on FTP, internet server, or on portable devices like hard drive, flash drive, etc. The program also supports advanced features like compression, encryption, scheduled backups and incremental backups.

How to grab Ocster Backup Easy 6 for Free:

    • Enter your name and valid email address then click on “Activate License / Register”.
    • Check your email; you will receive an email from [email protected] with your confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link
    • Return to Ocster Backup Easy 6 activation window and click on “I have clicked on the link in the email”.
    • That’s all. Program activation is now complete. Enjoy Ocster Backup Easy 6 for free.

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