OmmWriter Dana II for PC Free Serial Key

If you like to concentrate on your typing without being distracted, then you will love OmmWriter. The application displays a full screen text area where you can only type. Sounds boring? It is not actually. I loved it the moment I started typing. The full screen mode with different background styles provides a unique typing experience. You can switch between eight different background styles by using the floating menu bar on the right. The menu bar only presents itself when you move your mouse.

ommwriter-dana-2[Image credit: OmmWriter]

The developers of OmmWriter recommends using it with headphones, and I concur to that. The subtle melodious background music block out noise and help you to focus on your writing. There are seven background music tracks provided. If you are not a fan of background music, you can choose to turn it off.

When it comes to fonts, you can choose between four different font styles and four different font sizes. There is no dictionary and auto correct feature, but keystroke sounds will help you to avoid typos.

OmmWriter Dana II is available for Mac, PC and iPad. The developers until July 15, 2013 are giving away free copies of Dana II for PC. To download your free copy, access this page, and follow these steps:

Step 1 – click on “PC” -> Step 2 – click on “Dana II NOW FREE” -> Step 3 – Enter details and hit “Send

The download link and serial number will be sent to your email.

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