OnLive online gaming service drops monthly membership fees

OnLive, the streaming video game service has decided to drop the subscription fee which it had levied on its gamers since its arrival in the month of June this year. Before this, the charging structure, was such that the service would be free for the first year of sign-up, and imposed a promotional subscription fee of $4.95 in the second year which finally stabilized to $14.95 from the third year onwards. However, Onlive has finally decided to remove the subscription fee from its charging structure making the service go free for its users, far before any subscription fee could be collected from its users.

The current structure allows the users to play the game demos, speculate other players and view brag clips for free for the first thirty minutes. After that, a option to buy a ‘PlayPass’ or a ‘FullPass’  is provided. The PlayPass comes in two packages viz. a three day access to the game costing $4.99 and a five days access worth $6.99 . On the other hand, a FullPass when bought, provides unlimited access to the game as long as it is present in the OnLive system. Its cost depends on the choice of the game.

Though the service is only available in the US now, it is scheduled to get launched in Europe in 2011. The removal of the subscription free was declared by the company in its official blog. The step has evolved OnLive in the shape of a true cloud based gaming service, an inexpensive substitute of an expensive gaming platform.

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