O&O CleverCache 7 Professional Free Registration Code

As file cache grows larger, less memory is available to active applications. This is when your applications begin to slow down. CleverCache is a memory management tool that optimizes your system to boost cache and memory utilization. It automatically frees up memory by forcing windows to swap unneeded data to the hard disk. This results in better performance as more memory is available to active and newly launched applications.

O&O CleverCache 7
Key Features:

  • O&O Autosense: AutoSense profile instructs your system to analyze your system’s settings upon every system startup. Whenever changes to the main memory are detected, CleverCache updates its settings accordingly.
  • O&O Mem-O-Free: Set the amount of free memory that can be used by windows, whenever that limit is crossed Mem-o-Free activates and frees up additional memory for you.
  • O&O Mem-O-Safe: Data saved is not immediately written to the hard drive, but instead is saved in the internal file cache system. In the event of a crash or power failure, these data may be lost. Mem-o-Safe lets you set the update interval of the file cache system to minimize data loss.
  • System Tuning: Provides access to special paraments that are hidden in windows. These parameters allow you to opitimize the performance of the windows operating system.
  • System Monitor: Allows you to monitor and receive real-time status reports on your processor, main memory, system cache and hard disk.

Grab your free copy, value $29.95:

  • Access the registration page (German).
  • Enter your valid email address and click on the “Kostenlose Lizenz anfordern” button.
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from [email protected] with your free license key and download links.
  • The download links provided in the email are of the Deutsch version of CleverCache. Download the English version using the following links:
  • Install CleverCache and use the free registration code to activate.

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