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If you use a computer regularly, then you will know that it can be frustrating when your computer slows down. Most people believe it is caused when the drive is full and resort to deleting files. Some even go as far as formatting the drive. Most times all you need to do is defragment the drive.

File fragmentation occurs over time when the file system cannot lay the data sequentially. The reason behind this is the inability to write data in the sequential storage block as the space has been occupied by some other file. This leads to slower access time and decreases hard drive performance. Defragmentation reverses this by rearranging data in a sequential manner and therefore speeding up access times dramatically.

O&O Defrag is a powerful defragmentation tool to optimize computer performance. It features a straightforward installation process and an easy to follow interface that lists all key functions at the top of the main window. The program can be set to run automatically when the computer is idle or on a set schedule.
Main Window of O&O Defrag Professional


Some of the features of the O&O Defrag 20 Professional include:


The defragmentation feature is the main component of the O&O Defrag 20 Professional, which helps you optimize your hard drive. With a single click, you can analyze multiple drives before you start defragmentation. There are several defragmentation modes, and each one is different in how long the process takes and how much memory is used. For example, the “STEALTH” mode takes the least amount of time, and it is the most memory friendly. The drawback though is that the drive will need defragmenting after a short while.

Disk Cleaner

Disk cleaner is another excellent feature included in this software package. This tool allows you to free up space on your drive by deleting unwanted files. Some of these unwanted files are temporary files, windows updates, error reports, memory dumps, setup logs, thumbnail cache and recycle bin.

You can use the disk selector to check the amount of space that the disk cleaner will free before deleting the files.

Disk Stat

O&O Defrag 20 Professional also has a feature called DiskStat, which displays on a chart the way various file types are stored on your hard drive. The chart is color-coded and has a legend that explains what the different colors mean. The window contains tabs you can use for customizing the chart to your preference.


The schedule feature on this software allows you to plan scans and defragmentation. You can schedule these actions to any day and time you want. This is one of the major selling points of this software, as you do not have to be around when the program defragments your drive. The program allows for full customization, so you can set your computer to shut down or restart after the task has been carried out.


There is an “Extras” tab on the window that allows you to inspect clusters, check the drives, run O&O Defrag, and wipe free space remotely on another computer. This tool also provides a “TRIM” function for the optimization of solid-state drives.


O&O Defrag 20 Professional is an impressive defragmenter that comes with various other options. The application helps you to optimize your disk usage and ensures your computer runs as smoothly as possible. This software is available at a fee, which should not be a turnoff as it offers you significant benefits that ordinary defragmenters lack, such as, the ability to defragment files that are locked by Windows or some other application.

Grab Your Free Serial Key

O&O Defrag has a retail value of $29.95, but for a limited time, you can grab a free copy by registering on the license request page.

License Registration Page of O&O Defrag

You will receive a confirmation mail from [email protected] Click on the confirmation link to receive your free serial.

Download O&O Defrag Professional

32-bit: OODefrag20ProfessionalEnu.exe [20 MB]

64-bit: OODefrag20Professional64Enu.exe [24 MB]


Launch O&O Defrag, switch to the “Info” tab and select “Register Now”

Info Tab of O&O Defrag

The registration wizard will pop up. Select “Enter Your Registration Code”, and click “Next”.

Registration Wizard of O&O Defrag

You will be asked to enter name, company and serial #. Enter your email address in the name, and company field (same email that you have used in the above registration page) and paste the serial number that was sent to your email.

Activation Form Submission

On successful activation, you should see the following screen.

Activation Confirmation of O&O Defrag

To check the status of your activation, click on the “About O&O Defrag” button listed under the “Info” tab.

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