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Technology is constantly evolving, leading up to the point that new technologies are being developed in a bid to curb the potential excesses of other relatively new technologies. This statement may look ambiguous at first glance but there is an explanation for it in relation to the topic of this review.

O&O Safe Erase 11 Professional is a powerful software for permanently deleting files from a system to secure privacy. There are a lot of similar software on the market, but O&O has been around for a very long time, consistently releasing updates to its software as new features are added to them.

Now, the thing about deleting files from a computer is that nowadays, special steps need to be taken to ensure that a file that you delete is lost permanently. This is due to the fact that improved technology has led to the development of software that counters the idea of permanent deletion of files. These programs are built to recover files that have been completely “deleted” from a computer.

Files deleted with the help of the operating system can be recovered. Deleting files in reality just makes the data unreadable to the operating system. The old data actually still resides in the free space made available from deleting the data. Unless, the free space is re-written by new data the old data can be easily recovered with data recovery software. So in short, Windows method of deleting files is not secure. O&O SafeErase uses internationally recognized methods to delete confidential data, ensuring that said data could not be recovered by data recovery tools. All you have to do is identify the location of the data that you want to delete and a simple mouse click will send the data into permanent oblivion.
Start Window of SafeErase


O&O SafeErase includes an analysis module that automatically scans your computer for temporary internet files, program files and unsecured deleted files. After the analysis, these files can be removed with a single click. Previous unsafe file deletions can also be secured by using the free space module, which wipes the free disk space with its unique erase algorithm.

File and folders can be securely deleted by manually adding them using the file browser, drag and drop is not supported. If you are selling your computer, you can securely wipe out complete drives by using the hard disk partition or entire computer module.

Setup Information

Developed by OO-Software, the installer is small in size, around 20mb and it is a standalone application with no internet access required to run. A minimalist setup file means that you hardly have to worry about freeing up disk space before you can install the application to run on your PC.

Features at a glance

  • Permanent data removal from your computer
  • Wipe drives, folders, removable disks and SSD cards
  • Internet traces and temp files of removed data are traced and deleted
  • Low consumption of PC resources
  • Notification for unsafe deleted files
  • Detailed reports to serve as proof all deleted files


With data recovery software, it is simple to recover data that may have been deleted for privacy reasons. If you need to sell off your personal computer to a stranger and you delete all your files to ensure that your privacy is protected, you may be surprised to find out that it really is not.

Privacy is absolutely crucial, and computers house some of the most sensitive information in a user’s life. It has already been established that deleting files the standard PC way is not safe enough so if you need that extra bit of security and guarantee, O&O Safe Erase 11 Professional just may be what you need.

Grab Your Free Registration Code

O&O SafeErase 11 Professional has a retail value of $29.99. To grab your free copy, visit the registration code request page (German), enter your valid email address, and click on the “Kostenlose Lizenz anfordern” button.
Serial Key Request Page of SafeErase

A confirmation mail will be dispatched to your email address. Click on the confirmation link.
Confirmation Mail of SafeErase

You will receive another email with your free serial number and download links. Do not use the download links provided in the email, as it is of the German edition.

Serial Number of SafeErase Professional Edition

Download O&O SafeErase 11 Professional – English

32-bit: OOSafeErase11ProfessionalEnu.exe [15 MB]

64-bit: OOSafeErase11Professional64Enu.exe [18 MB]

Please note: During installation, you might get a prompt to download the latest version of SafeErase. Skip the upgrade, as the promotional license code is only valid for version 11.


On first start, a registration wizard will pop up. Select “Enter Your Registration Code”, and click “Next”.

Activation Start Window of O and O

You will be asked to enter name, company and serial #. Enter your email address in the name, and company field (same email that you have used in the above registration page) and paste the serial number that was sent to your email.

Form Submission Window of O and O

On successful activation, you should see the following screen.

Activation Confirmation of SafeErase

To check the status of your activation, click on the ‘Program Info’ link on the top right corner of your SafeErase window.

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