Opera Mobile for Android: The Countdown Begins

Opera, at the Up North Web Conference, has revealed that a beta version of the Opera Mobile browser will be arriving at the Android appstore in less than a months time. Another browser called Opera Mini had already made its entry in the Android handsets back in the month of July, but this full fledged browser app, Opera Mobile, brings nearly all the characteristics of the desktop version to the Android platform.

The most interesting part of the upcoming Opera Mobile browser is the inclusion of hardware acceleration and Pinch to Zoom feature. The former will serve to provide a lightning fast speed to Opera by making full use of the phones GPU power. On the other hand, Pinch to Zoom utilizes this hardware acceleration to provide full control on the zoom level. Before this the browser offered only two kinds of zooming on mobile phones – One for the full page width and one for zooming in to read the text. However, this version will provide the user with the control to zoom into any level without distorting the text or the image.

Opera Mobile will be available for free download from m.opera.com and Android Market within a month. More information can be found at the Opera Mobile for Android website.

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