Paragon Drive Copy 14 Compact Free Serial Number

Many users are switching to SSDs as their primary drive as SSDs offer significant performance boost over mechanical hard drives. If you are planning to switch to SSDs, but reluctant to do so as you would have to perform new operating system installation and lose all your settings, then you need this program called paragon drive copy. It allows you to migrate your OS from your old drive to a new drive. The new drive does not even have to be of the same capacity, the program automatically makes the required adjustments as long as the new drive has the available space to hold operating system data.


In version 14, the program interface has been evolved and tools are tiled to better suite windows 8 users. Each tool is accompanied by a step-by-step wizard that guides users through the whole process.

Paragon Drive Copy is very popular among windows users and is available in two different editions, professional and compact. The professional edition is more costly and offers more features such as migration to dissimilar hardware and virtual drive image creation, which are not available in the compact edition. The compact edition offers features that can be used to backup partitions, entire hard drives, and migrate operating system to a new hard drive (but not on a new system).

You can now grab a free serial code of Paragon Drive Copy compact. To grab your free code, access this page and register. The serial code will be mailed to your email address.

Download Paragon Drive Copy 14:

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